Who's Liselotte?
Artist's getaway


Austrian by birth, Venetian by choice, Liselotte Höhs has traveled around the world. In her various adventures to faraway places she has gathered ideas, techniques and materials to use in her art. Indeed, we must say that her spiritual nomadism is a precursor of the so-called 'globalisation of art' of which we hear so much today. Liselotte Höhs's arazzi, like Japanese and Chinese scrolls for example, can be rolled up to be unfurled and seen when the occasion presents itself. In that sense they are the nomad's art par excellence. They bring us back to the freshness of childhood without however ever being childish.

Barbara Rose


Solo exibitions

2001 Palazzo Mocenigo, Venice

1999 Palais de la Publicité, Paris

1996 Tempio del Comune di Bassano, Bassano

1995 The Biennale Pavlllions at the Hotel Cipriani, Venice

1993 Centro Domus, Milan

1992 Bank AUSTRIA, Wien



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