Who's Liselotte?
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Liselotte Höhs was born in Vienna during the Second World War. Studied in Vienna, Brussels and Venice where she spends the most of her life. Her works are displayed in the Museums of Modern Art in Vienna and Milan. The Museum "Knoll Collection" of Los Angeles – Pasadena – has a whole room with a permanent exhibition of her works. Her artistic career counts more than fifty solo exhibitions mainly in the USA and Europe. She has exhibited her works in the 33th, 34th and 35th Venice Biennale and participated in "Proposte per il Molino Stucky" in 1975. Liselotte is an eclective artist, always looking for new inspirations, gathers ideas from her varoius travels around the world, Central and South Asia, Central Africa, Alaska and America, from the North to the South, where she gathers new techniques and discovers new materials to use in her works, always cheerful and bizarre. She has created big size ceramic and wrought iron works for Orione, Fiorita and Phoenix cruise liners. 1982 Liselotte founded the civic movement for Venice "I Blu", forerunner of the following "green" movements for the protection of the city, the Venetians and their crafts. She designed two books: "I Blu" by Luciana Boccardi and "Gli animali di Venezia" by Wolfgang Fischer.

Her works were presented by: Jose Alvarez, Karel Appel, Giuseppe Berto, Dino Buzzati, Costanzo Costantini, Doretta Davanzo Poli, Angela De La Force, Virgilio Guidi, Erica Jong, Joerg Lampe, Mario Lepore, Alan Levy, Virgilio Lilli, Giuseppe Longo, Indro Montanelli, Berto Morucchio, Barbara Rose, Goffredo Parise, Pier Maria Pasinetti, Ezra Pound, Neri Pozza, Henry Seldis, Giancarlo Vigorelli, Charles Wentinck.



2011 Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Museo Correr, Venice

2001 Museo Palazzo Mocenigo, Venice

1999 Palais de la Publicité, Paris

1995 Tempio del Comune di Bassano, Bassano

1995 The Biennale Pavillions at the Hotel Cipriani, Venice

1993 Centro Domus, Milan



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