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There are many Venices. There is Canaletto's Venice, there is Guardi's Venice. And there is the city of Turner, Ciardi, Dufy, De Pisis, Kokoshka, even Steinberg. And there is the Venice of Liselotte Hohs. Venice is unique in the world for its extraordinary capacity of not being one, but many cities at one and the same moment. A sort of miracle? Exactly. Here we have the Venice of Liselotte. Which has not been invented by her. But it exists. Except that no one had seen it befonre her. What kind of Venice is it? Is it sad or happy? It is happy, lively, uproarious, mad it resembles a fairy tale, a pastry shop, a processione of saints, a childen's game, the nostalgia of grandmother, a wedding present, a mirage, the celebration of a patron saint, the landscape glimpsed through a grille by a sinful nun, a forest of tabernacles, the wishful thoughts of the morning, the memory of love, palisade of dreams. Seeing this Venice is neither easy nor frequent. But it happens occasionally. It happened to me. I was at a window in my hotel room watching the spectacle of the unique city; the phone rang, I went to answer it, there was no one at the other end. But from some far-away barracks, which perhaps did non even exist, there came the white and pink sound of a fanfare...

Dino Buzzati


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